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Making History

The Coffs Harbour Health Campus is undergoing a new expansion. The expansion once complete will see the construction of a five-storey clinical service building with a roof top helipad. CPB contractors Pty Ltd were successful in being awarded the tender for the main works to be completed from April 2019 and 2021.

CPB contractors Pty Ltd is one of the leading tier one construction companies in Australia that works across all key sectors of the construction industry, including building, civil, road, rail and tunnelling, defence and resources infrastructure.

The company draws on its proven track record in Aboriginal engagement and participation gained on other projects across regional and remote Australia and is now prioritizing its efforts to continue and strengthen the company’s successes on the Coffs Harbour Health Campus Expansion project.

In addition to CPB’s internal commitment the company is also embracing the Aboriginal Procurement in Construction (APiC) initiative by the NSW government to source and use Aboriginal owned and operated businesses to create local employment opportunities and social growth.

On Wednesday the 27th February Adrian Burkenhagen: NSW Manager, Indigenous & Social Inclusion for CPB Contractors. Met with three Aboriginal owned and operated business to discuss a potential partnership and inclusion to complete the hospital project. Desmond Ahoy Operations Manager for Ahoy Traffic Control, Jeremy Blanch CEO JNC Group Australia and Kevin Ross owner of a scaffolding company attended the meeting to discuss their aspirations and plans for a partnership. Unfortunately, James Mercy of Direct Concrete couldn’t join the meeting on the day, due to a pour that morning, but his business will also be an integral part in the formation of the partnership

This partnership of companies will be making history as it is will be the first time in the north coast Aboriginal owned and operated construction companies have formed a group to achieve a solid working partnership.

All organisations have the same goal to provide local job opportunities and social inclusion for Aboriginal people and other socially disadvantaged groups. All businesses offer a different service and if working together will create many job opportunities for the local community and enhance the economic growth of our region.

Operations Manager of Ahoy Traffic Control Des Ahoy is excited for this opportunity “We will be able to help the young people gain experience and employment with a mentoring program in place to help them make a better future for themselves, their families and the community. We have a working agreement with Melissa Fernando and Real Futures, close ties to Deb Berwick CEO for the NSW Chamber of Commerce and are registered with Supply Nation”.

Moving forward, on the completion of the partnership formation; discussions will commence with the Coffs Harbour Health Campus Expansion project team on potential opportunities the newly established Aboriginal entity may be able to pursue.

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